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Taylor & Francis offers textbooks across the humanities, social sciences, arts, and STEM. Our emphasis on pedagogy and text development, combined with lively and imaginative design, supports students with all the information they need for their courses while guiding them to further study and independent learning. Our authors are leading experts and innovators in their fields, and every potential textbook is peer-reviewed by instructors in the field to ensure its suitability.

Many of our textbooks come with supplementary content, from audio and video files to interactive timelines and maps, as well as test banks, practice exercises, sample lesson plans, and more. These instructor resources can be found on either the book’s page, or the companion website. Look on the book’s page for the tab marked “e-Resources” or a Companion Website icon, and click for more information. You can also search for instructor resources on the Download Hub here:

Need help accessing the instructor resources for your chosen textbook? Take a look at our guides to accessing your instructor resources – for Regular Companion Websites, Instructor Downloads and Interactive eBook Companion Websites, and Questbank and Instructor Download Hub Companion Websites. If you are in need of additional assistance, contact your local sales rep or our customer service.

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Browse our subject catalogs and choose from Taylor & Francis' diverse offering of textbooks from across the humanities, social sciences, arts, science, technology, engineering, and medicine.

For more information about how to request your inspection copies, to learn more about our digital resources and to find out about custom publishing with Taylor & Francis, click through the other tabs at the top of the page.

Custom Publishing

You can create your own custom textbook for your course through Academic Pub or University Readers. Browse our textbook offerings and find instructions for building your book by creating an account at the following sites: Academic Pub and University Readers.

Publishing with Us

We are expanding our reach in the textbook arena and continue to add experienced instructors to our list of textbook authors. If you have a proposal for a textbook, discover how we can work together to reach your audience by visiting: Resources for Authors ?

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