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2018 Book and Digital Product Awards

"Taylor & Francis is pleased to announce the winnners of the first annual 2018 Book and Digital Product Awards."

Taylor & Francis has annouced the first annual Outstanding Book and Digital Product Awards! We want to recoginize the well-written, high-quality content that our authors, editors and all team members worked so hard to produce in 2018. 

The list of winners across the text type and digital product categories is a testimony to the curiosity that makes us want to understand the world, and the contribution of the scholarship and research embodied in our content to that understanding; we thank you all for the great commissioning!





Our Panel of Judges carefully reviewed the shortlisted titles in each of the following categories

  • Revised Textbook
  • New Textbook
  • Monograph
  • Reference/Monograph
  • Professional
  • Handbook
  • 2018 Outstanding Book in STEM Award
  • 2018 Outstanding Book in HSS Award
  • 2018 Outstanding Digital Product Award

The titles chosen for the Outstanding Book in STEM and the Outstanding Book in HSS Awards perfectly capture one aspect of what is important about what we do: the application of high-level research to issues which impact us all.

2018 Outstanding Book In Stem

Brain–Computer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical Advances

Brain-Computer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical Advances

By Chang S. Nam, Anton Nijholt, and Rabien Lotte

T&F Contact Editor: Cindy Carelli, Engineering

2018 Outstanding book in HSS

Understanding How We LearnUnderstanding How We Learn: A Visual Guide

By Yana WeinsteinMegan SumerackiOliver Caviglioli

T&F Contact Editor: Annamarie Kino, Behavioral Sciences & Education

2018 Outstanding Digital Product



T&F Contact Editor: Fiona Macdonald, Science

2018 Revised Textbook Category Winners

In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation

Humanities and Media Arts

In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation, 3rd Edition

By Mona Baker

A true textbook for students of translation with little or no knowledge of foreign languages, starting from the basics and systematically progressing on to the more complex aspects of linguistics and semiotics. Clear structure and well-organized; practically supported by examples to illustrate the theory accompanied by a comprehensive companion website, containing a balanced mix of exercises, videos, audio lectures, and glossary flashcards. New third edition updated to reflect recent developments, highlighting the connection between verbal and visual elements across multiple modalities — global book with a good spread of sales across territories, growing in Asia.

T&F Contact Editor: Louisa Semlyen


Behaviorial Sciences & Education

Consciousness: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

By Susan Blackmore, Emily T. Troscianko

This pioneering title is introducing the concept of consciousness, a critical and rapidly expanding field. Now in its third edition, but published for the first time by Routledge, this new edition has undergone an overhaul and is to be commended for the range of positive supporting reviews it has already garnered: 'they've [the authors] made a great book even greater.' Striking design (and cover!) supported by engaging pedagogical features such as intext concept boxes, questions, and activities for both independent and group study, along with an easily navigable companion website organized into clear sections and subsections.

T&F Contact Editor: Ceri McLardy